Five Things to Know

Looking to stay up to date on the most important things happening at Freedom Christian? Here are the five most important things to know!

#1. Servant Leadership:

Jesus set an example of servant leadership, teaching that greatness comes from serving others. This principle emphasizes humility and a willingness to serve others, putting their needs above one’s own.

#2. Love Your Neighbor:

The Bible teaches the commandment to love one’s neighbor as oneself. Serving others is a practical expression of this love, emphasizing kindness, compassion, and selflessness in our interactions with those around us.

#3. Hospitality:

The Bible encourages believers to practice hospitality, welcoming strangers and those in need. Serving others through acts of kindness and generosity, especially to those outside one’s immediate circle, reflects the biblical principle of hospitality.

#4. Compassion for the Poor & Needy: 

Numerous biblical passages emphasize the importance of caring for the poor and needy. Serving those who are less fortunate, whether through charitable acts or social justice efforts, aligns with the biblical call to show compassion and justice.

#5.  Using Spiritual Gifts for Service:

The New Testament teaches that each believer is given spiritual gifts for the benefit of the entire body of believers. Using one’s unique gifts and talents to serve the church and the community is a key biblical principle that fosters unity and mutual support among believers.

Get ready for “Improving Your Serve”

February’s sermon series on serving others