Below is a list of some of the biggest annual events that our student movement is a part of. 



Every Spring we have the opportunity to participate in the Michigan District Fine Arts Festival. Qualifying students then have the opportunity to move on to the National Fine Arts Festival held in the summer. 

Fine Arts is a discipleship tool of REMIX designed to “help students discover, develop & deploy their ministry gifts.” Each year junior & senior high school students begin preparing their entries for the District and National Fine Arts Festivals. Students may enter as many as 66 categories offered in 8 main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, & Writing.

Fine Arts helps students Connect, & Grow.


Every October REMIX hosts a flag football tournament known as the Toilet Bowl. Students sign up & go through a draft process where student captains all get together to duke it out round after round in an “NFL” style draft night. The Wednesday before the tournament we have a “Homecoming Rally” where the students rep their colors, and the captains talk a little smack on why their team is the best! This is an all our riot of an event!

The Toilet Bowl helps students Connect!


Every June (Jr High) and July (Sr High) REMIX students attend the District Youth Camp at Faholo. During these weeks students from all over our state converge at one location to worship God and grow together. At this camp students have the opportunity to compete in team activities, make new friends, encounter the presence of God, & make life long memories!

Camp helps students Connect, & Grow.


Every November thousands of students from all over Michigan rally at one location to worship Jesus for the weekend, be challenged by dynamic speakers, and leave filled with a refreshing energy. This weekend is highly relational, and extremely entertaining. Following the Friday evening service there is a late night gathering where students and leaders laser tag, bumper car, put put golf, play arcade games, and eat! 

Convention helps students Connect, & Grow.


In July we do a missions emphasis week in our communities known as love week. Love week is just that a week that we show love to our communities through great service projects like soccer camp, block parties, yardwork, nursing home visitations, veteran services, and so much more. Our students are encouraged to be apart of our church wide missions week as REMIX hosts its very own service projects through out the week.

This event doesnt cost our students anything more than sweat and time.

Love week helps students Connect, Grow, & Serve.


We end every year by partying hard at insomnia, our New Years Eve All-Nighter! Here students have the opportunity to worship together in the final moments of one year as we celebrate the next! We have a unique countdown party, participate in various events like laser tag, ice skating, bowling, Lord of The Rings, Smudge Ball, & so on! The night is crampacked with energetic experience after energetic experience.

Insomnia helps students Connect.